December 01
Metafilter Online Events

Metafilter Online Events

We’re looking for people from all backgrounds to present or share interesting topics and/or skills.

Simply put, we’re calling for good-hearted, knowledgeable folks willing to speak, share or teach us something new.
Much like how Metafilter welcomes dialogue and content across a wide variety of topics and themes, we’re open to anyone who can speak, instruct or present on any type of knowledge, skills or experience, as long as this comes from a position of fostering genuine, thoughtful, considerate discussion - following the spirit of our community guidelines.
Ultimately, in organizing these presentations and workshops, we’re looking to build an “online event” version of what Metafilter offers as a hub of insightful, kind and thought-provoking discussion.
If you have expertise in your professional field, a skill to share, or particular knowledge of a certain domain or niche - or, if you have insights from a rich life experience and a perspective not often heard as someone from an underrepresented background or identity - we want to hear from you. We’d like to bring your knowledge and skills to more people that want to learn from you, and amplify your voice and reach.


If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to present or speak on, please fill out this quick form here!
If you have a presentation ready to go, fill out this form. We’re excited to review your materials!
If you may not want to present, but have great ideas for topics, or suggestions/recommendations for speakers, please let us know here!


When are you planning to schedule these events?

Right now, we’re working to get some sessions in place for Metafilter’s Fundraising Drive. The Fundraising Drive begins in late October and our Fundraising events series concludes at the end of December. So if you have availability between now and then - we’d love to hear from you! At the same time, we’re open to ideas and presenters that may want to contribute or do an event at a later date, for 2023 and beyond. If that’s you, please drop us a note and we’ll be sure to stay in touch, keeping you in mind for future events.

What themes or topics do you seek, for these presentations/workshops?

We encourage presentations and workshops on all types of themes and topics, particularly those that speak towards less-heard perspectives and experiences, or bring attention to something interesting and/or not commonly known that might warrant discussion. Practical topics - like adulting how-tos and professional skills - are also welcome. Some examples of popular themes on Metafilter:
Science & Nature
History, Arts & Culture
LGBTQIA+ Identity
Tech, Web Development & UX
Law & Government
Social Justice
BIPOC, non-US and Postcolonial Identities
Accessibility & Ableism
Practical Life / Adulting Advice
Media & Entertainment
These are just some examples. As long as your topic and presentation/workshop content do not fall under Metafilter’s definition of inappropriate content, we’d be happy to hear your ideas and proposals!

I have one or two interesting ideas but I haven’t thought them through. I don’t have a fully-formed proposal. Can I still talk to you about this?

Yes! We value your input and ideas, and we’d be happy to work with you through the process of crystallizing your ideas and getting a presentation/workshop together. Please get in touch and fill out this quick form here, even if you don’t have a complete proposal in hand! We’re here to help.

What kind of assistance and support can I expect from Metafilter?

At your request, we’re available to liaise and work with you to ensure your content interests, targets and engages our Metafilter audience. We’ll go over any questions you may have about the format and event details to help you feel prepared and confident before your presentation/workshop.
We’ll be publicizing your event on our main platform (the Metafilter website) as well as our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook). If you are presenting/facilitating a paid event, you can also opt to receive 3 free tickets that can be given to your family and friends, or used for giveaways as part of your own promotional initiative.
During the event
We’ll have at least one Metafilter staff/Steering Committee member on hand to set up the event, help with hosting, and actively manage the attendees if needed. This includes monitoring chat, dealing with any technical questions, and helping to encourage or ask questions for your Q&A if necessary.
In addition to any basic terms of our agreement, you’ll receive a complimentary Metafilter membership if you’re not already a Mefite, and an official letter of thanks from us.
If you’re a speaker/facilitator hoping to secure other speaking engagements with other organizers, we’d also be happy to write a reference/testimonial that you may use as part of your personal promotion and resume.
We’ll provide you with post-event feedback from your attendees, and simple data on audience attendance and engagement, giving you useful insights and inspiration for future presentations.

How else may I be compensated for my presentation/workshop?

Right now, we’re focused on offering a lineup of paid and free/donation-optional events under our Fundraising Drive. We hope that you’ll consider allowing all proceeds from these events to go towards the Fundraising Drive. If this is not possible for you, please let us know - we’d be glad to discuss this and find a workable arrangement moving forward.

What platform will you be using to host these events?

We're planning to hold these events over Zoom, with ticketing done through EventBrite - so the events will take place in a moderated, closed environment, and you'll have some idea of the attendee list beforehand.  We'll have at least one Metafilter staff/Steering Committee member on hand to help host, actively manage the attendees and monitor chat, and assist with Q&A if necessary.

What format, length and/or duration should my presentation/workshop be?

We recommend a presentation of at least 30-45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of Q&A.  That said, we're open to any other format and length you might have in mind for your topic!

Can I distribute any handouts, links or resources related to my topic before the presentation/workshop?

Yes! We’d also be happy to help facilitate this distribution.

What is Metafilter?

Metafilter is one of the longest-running online communities. More than a community weblog where anyone can contribute, it is also a place where you’ll find some of the most interesting stuff on the internet. At Metafilter, you can expect thoughtful and varied discussions.
Since 1999, we’ve been focused on fulfilling the web’s potential to bring people together and create genuine, vibrant, good-hearted community spaces. With over 325,000 registered members from different countries, cultures, ages, incomes, backgrounds and identities, we’re all here together learning from each other, trying to foster positive conversations, build community, and share all the good things the internet makes possible.
Metafilter cares about encouraging safe, kind and civil discussion spaces no matter our size or scale, and our community’s efforts are reinforced by Metafilter’s small team of paid professionals providing round-the-clock moderation and support.
If you’re new to Metafilter, check out our community and site at You can read more about Metafilter here, and join us here.

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